Finding The Right Teacher

Finding the right teacher and buying the best instrument to practise on are the two most important decisions you will make when beginning your piano studies. In this blog post, I'm going to discuss how to find a piano tutor and some of the key things to look for in a teacher. How to find […]

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Buying The Right Piano

If you're planning on learning the piano, it's important to have the right instrument to practise on. A good quality piano is an investment and will provide many years of enjoyment. Indeed, an acoustic piano can last a life time or longer! Acoustic Pianos If you have the space and the budget a good quality […]

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Why learn the piano?

It improves concentration There are many studies which show a correlation between learning a musical instrument and success in other subjects at school. Researchers have measured strong changes in the brain of those learning the piano, even where piano lessons have commenced after the age of 65. It benefits your social life Although pianists tend […]

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